Why do we fear Friday the 13th?

Written by Apoorva Barthwal - Mar 16, 2020

We had fun discussing Friday the 13th at DCW over the weekend. There is the familiar tone of ‘fear of the dark’ in the back of our minds, while some sidestepped cracks in concrete footpaths we all made it to work to keep you, our customers engaged with the great deals we had in store during our Friday the 13th sale which ends on the 24th of this month.

Friday the 13th - has historical significance and has inspired countless myths and legends from all walks of life. It is hard to pinpoint what inspires our dread of the number 13 or ‘Triskaidekaphobia?’

Why do we fear Friday the 13th?

In many cultures the fear of the number thirteen extends to skipping the number in apartment buildings and even entire hotel floors. The origins of this fear can be traced back to multiple events throughout history. Many believe that the superstition started when legend talked of Knights Templar being massacred on Friday the 13th in 1307. Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code supported this myth but again there isn’t any proof to support this theory.

People usually fear the day and the number, but modern-day stats suggest otherwise. According to market watch report, Friday the 13th is traditionally a good day for the stock market, with stocks ticking upwards of 55.63%.

Why are we celebrating this day for the rest of the week? It’s because we at Digital Camera Warehouse want to turn the tables on this spooky day and make sure you walk away feeling decidedly LUCKY!

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Friday the 13th Sale