The Syrp Product Turntable is designed for use specifically with the Genie Mini motion control system to help you create smooth rotating product videos and 360° photography. The turntable includes both black and white background disks that allow you to choose the best way to show your products. With a solid and robust construction the 20.3 cm aluminium turntable can support up to 4.0 kg and has markings to assist you line up your product perfectly to make post production easier.

Designed for the Syrp Genie Mini

The Turntable is designed to be combined with the Syrp Genie Mini control system (not included) and together they can be used to automate your product photography and videography workflow.

Shoot 360° Product Photography

Markings on the mount allow you to accurately position your product in the centre for a consistently balanced revolution. The latest version of the Syrp app has a turntable mode that allows you to trigger your camera shutter and turntable movement with a Syrp Link Cable (not included) for automated product shots.

Compatible with Genie Link Cable

The genie mini mounts upside down to the product table which allows the motor to rotate the turntable while keeping the motion control unit in the same position. This ensures that any cables attached to the genie mini don’t get tangled as the unit turns.

Included Background Disks

The 8-inch Product Turntable for Genie Mini includes a black and a white background disk to help match the base of the turntable with your background. This helps create more consistent images without needing to retouch the images in photoshop.

Please Note: This product requires the Syrp Genie Mini for full functionality.

Load Capacity

4.0 kg


Diameter: 20.3 cm


1/4-inch female threads


360° rotation when used with Genie mini

Material of Construction


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • Syrp Product Turntable
  • Black Background Disk
  • White Background Disk
  • Shutter Extension Cable


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