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Syrp Genie IR Link Cable

Clearance Sale. While Stocks Last!
  • Allows IR Camera Control with Compatible Cameras
  • Compatible with the Syrp Genie
  • Approx. 30cm Length



Syrp Genie Car Charger

Clearance Sale. While Stocks Last!
  • Charger Compatible with Syrp Genie
  • Useful for Charging In the Car
  • Charges when Travelling between shoots


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Syrp Ball Head for Genie - ExDemo

26% Off. Save $56
  • Arca-Type Quick Release Plate
  • Compatible with Syrp Genie, Most Tripods & Monopods
  • Lightweight at 350 grams
  • Holds up to a Maximum 12kg
  • Dual Pan & Tilt Adjustment Knobs


Syrp Product Turntable for Genie Mini

  • Product Turntable for Genie Mini
  • Can be used for Rotating Videos & 360° Product Photography
  • 1/4 Mounting Points for Products and Larger Turntables
  • Includes Black and White Background Disks


Syrp Genie Mini II

  • Portable, Lightweight Design
  • Controlled via Syrp Genie 2 App
  • Time-Lapse Movies
  • Panning Movies
  • Continuous Real-Time Panning
  • HDR Time-Lapse Mode
  • Combine with Syrp Genie II for 2-Axis Motion
  • Combine with Another Genie Mini II for Pan + Tilt Control
  • Compatible with Smartphones, GoPro, Mirrorless, DSLRs

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Save $350

Syrp Genie II Linear

22% Off. Save $350
38% Off Demo Only. Save $600. While Stocks Last!
  • Versatile and Compatible with any Slider
  • Perfect for Time-lapse Photography and Videography
  • Live View Mode with Full Wireless Camera Control
  • Syrp App with Keyframing Support
  • Bulb Ramping and Time-lapse Compiler
  • Joystick for Manual Control
  • Compatible with the Genie Mini and Genie Mini Pan Kit
  • Designed for the Genie II Pan Tilt

From $999.00

Save $420

Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt

20% Off. Save $560
19% Off. Save $420. Ex-Demo
  • Programmable 2-Axis Motion Controller
  • Ideal for Time-lapse Photography and Cinematic Video
  • USB-C, Wi-fi & Bluetooth for Full Camera Control
  • Updated App with Movement Keyframe Function & Live-view
  • Realtime Control Function with Joystick & LCD Display Screen
  • Multi-Row Panorama Function
  • Quick Release Plate Support up to 6kg
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Compatible with the Syrp II Linear Motion Controller

From $1,799.00