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Studio Lighting:

The Phottix RAJA Quick fold softbox is super easy to assemble and ready to use in seconds. The 65 cm parabolic softbox opens like an umbrella with a centralized metal joint which means you do not have to spend time in assembling. It comes with a Bowen S Mount speed ring, but it is compatible with Elinchrom or Profoto mounts.

Another good thing is that the soft box comes with a carrying bag which makes it easy to transport. The interior has two removable fabric layers, a front diffuser and an inner baffle. There is also a fabric grid, which can be mounted to the front of the softbox and it will help you in tightening your beam angle & control unwanted light on your background.


Rotalux 70 x 70cm Softbox

Speed Ring Included

Bowen S Mount

Interior Material

Reflective Silver

Removable Interior Baffle



26” / 65cm

  • Phottix Softbox QuickFold RAJA 65cm Baffle Diff Grid Bowen S mount
  • Inner Baffle
  • Outer Diffuser
  • Fabric Grid
  • Carrying Bag


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