Take your indoor and outdoor portrait photography to the next level with our 60cm x 90cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Light Reflector. Representing great value for money, the reflector kit includes five different panels to help create a wide range of professional lighting effects. 

Professional Lighting Effects

The large 5-in-1 reflector can be used with all types of light sources including speedlights, studio strobes plus natural sunlight both indoors and outdoors. This versatility equips you with the ability to create a variety of lighting effects and moods for a wide range of portrait or product photography applications. 

Included Reflectors:

Gold Bounce Panel: Provides a warm gold glow, great for portrait work
Silver Bounce Panel: Provides a high contrast reflective bounce to boost highlights 
White Bounce Panel: Creates a bright, natural second light for eliminating shadows
Pure Black Absorption Panel: Doesn’t reflect light and minimises hot spots or highlights
Translucent White Diffusion Panel: Ideal for minimising shadows and softening light

With the white and black panels mounted, the reflector can also be used as a simple background, ideal for eliminating distractions and isolating your subject.

Convenient Zipper Panels

A zipper running around the circumference of the panel lets you attach and remove the reflective cover in seconds. The zipper design also ensures uniform coverage and a flat surface for maximum reflection consistency. 

Lightweight, Collapsible Design

Designed to be easy to use both indoors and while shooting on-location, the twist-fold spring frame allows the 60cm x 90cm 5-in-1 Multi Light Reflector to instantly open to its full size and shape, and fold into a small size to fit into the included bag for easy storage and transport.
  • Translucent White Diffusion Frame
  • Black/White/Silver/Gold Reflective Cover
  • Zip-up Carry Case
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