Thanks to its large 1/2.5-inch BSI MOS sensor, the Panasonic HC-VXF1camcorder can record beautifully detailed 4K video even in dimly lit conditions. Adding to the camera’s lowlight capability is the bright f/1.8 Leica Dicomar lens with 24x optical zoom that helps bring the action right up close. A 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S. image stabilisation system works to ensure your footage is steady and easy to watch, even if you shoot while moving. Frame and review your videos using the rotating LCD screen, or compose using the tilting EVF for a clear image even in bright daylight. A manual ring on the front of the camcorder offers a more hands on approach to adjusting focus, zoom, and iris.

Backside Illuminated Large MOS Sensor

The Panasonic HC-VXF1 camcorder uses a backside illuminated 1/2.5-inch MOS sensor that delivers amazing 4K footage and up to 26 megapixel still images. To help maximise storage capacity and make editing much faster, you can also film in Full HD 1080p. The larger sensor means you have the flexibility to film in dimly lit environments, but still get sharp, detailed results.

Leica DICOMAR Lens with 24x Optical Zoom

To complement the sensor’s lowlight capabilities, the VXF1 is equipped with a bright f/1.8 Leica Dicomar lens. It features a 25mm wide angle to 600mm telephoto zoom range for even more versatile coverage. A 4-drive system provides a powerful 24x optical zoom with Intelligent Zoom expanding up to 32x when shooting in 4K or 48x in Full HD.

5-Axis HYBRID Optical Image Stabilisation

Hybrid 5-Axis optical image stabilisation minimises the blurring that can result with roll rotation or arm and wrist movements. Adaptive O.I.S. calibrates itself to match your shooting position and conditions for better alignment. Ball O.I.S. compensates for smaller movements, like hand-shake, to keep your videos steady and easy to watch even when shooting handheld, in motion, or zoomed in.

Easy Manual Control

The Manual Ring on the front of the camcorder puts control right at your fingertips. Adjust your zoom, focus, or iris all from the same ring for a more customised and intuitive shooting experience.

Active Contrast and HDR Movie

Designed to help you shoot in difficult lighting conditions, the VXF1 features High Dynamic Range recording at the touch of a button. HDR mode combines two exposures to help supress blown highlights and blocked shadows for better clarity and detail. Active Contrast works similarly, analysing brightness distribution across your image to improve contrast in low brightness areas.

4k Image Cropping

4K Image Cropping gives you the ability to select a scene from your 4K footage and crop to a certain area or subject. Editing is done within the camera and saved as a full HD still image that maintains the high level of detail from your original 4K videos.

Tilting Electronic Viewfinder and LCD Screen

To help you isolate and compose your scene, the camcorder has a tilting electronic viewfinder with a detachable eyecup for left or right eye use. The large 3-inch rotating LCD touchscreen makes it easy to live preview your footage, take selfies, or check and change your settings.

Creative Shooting Effects

Building on the slow motion recording, the VXF 1camcorder also offers a range of cinema-like effects for even more filming creativity. Use Slow & Quick Video to control the speed of your footage. Select Dolly Zoom and Slow Zoom for controlled, professional looking zoom and movement techniques that look straight off the big screen.

Built-In WiFi Connectivity

Built-in WiFi connectivity opens up a world of time-saving and sharing possibilities by letting you connect your compatible smart devices. This ability can also turn them into an easy to use remote so you can operate the camcorder from a distance.

Wireless Twin Sub-Camera for Picture-in-Picture Recording

An innovative Wireless Twin Camera function turns your compatible WiFi enabled devices into a secondary camera. This means you can simultaneously capture two different angles, saving the footage from your phone to the camera and creating picture-in-picture video file. This unique feature gives you a wealth of story-telling possibilities for those big moments in life.

Image Sensor 1/2.5-type BSI MOS Sensor
Total Pixels 8.57 megapixels
Effective Pixels [Motion Image] 4K: 8.29 megapixels [16:9], Full-HD: 6.17 megapixels [16:9] (Level Shot Function OFF or Normal)
Effective Pixels [Still Image] 8.29 megapixels [16:9]
Effective Pixels [Still Image] 6.22 megapixels [4:3]
F Value F1.8 (WIDE) / F4.0 (TELE)
Optical Zoom 24x
Focal Length 4.12 – 98.9 mm (Optical Zoom:24x)
35 mm Film Camera Equivalent [Motion Image (16:9)] 4K/Full-HD 24p: 25 – 600 mm*, Full-HD 50p/50i/25p: 28.9 – 693.7 mm*
35 mm Film Camera Equivalent [Motion Image (16:9)] * 16:9, Level Shot Function OFF or Normal
35 mm Film Camera Equivalent [Still Image] 25.0mm – 600mm (16:9) / 30.6mm – 734.4mm (4:3)
Filter Diameter 62 mm
Lens Brand Leica Dicomar Lens
Standard Illumination 1400 lx
Minimum Illumination 1.5 lx (Scene Mode Low Light 1/25), 1 lx (Night Mode (Colour)), 0 lx (Night Mode (IR))
Focus Auto / Manual
Zoom Intelligent Zoom OFF 24x
Intelligent Zoom ON 4K: 32x, Full-HD: 48x
Digital Zoom 70x / 1500x (VXF11EG: 70x / 250x) (The maximum value of zoom magnification can be set in two patterns)
White Balance Auto / White Set / Sunny / Cloudy / Indoor1 / Indoor2 / Variable
Shutter Speed Motion Image: Auto Slow Shutter ON : 1/25 – 1/8000 (50p / 50i / 25p), 1/24 – 1/8000 (24p)
Motion Image: Auto Slow Shutter OFF: 1/50 – 1/8000 (50p / 50i / 25p), 1/48 – 1/8000 (24p)
Still Image: 1/2 – 1/2000
Iris Auto / Manual
Image Stabiliser 5-axis HYBRID O.I.S.+ with Active Mode, O.I.S. Lock, Level Shot Function (Strong mode: 2K only), Ball O.I.S., Adaptive O.I.S.
Active Contrast Yes
HDR Movie (Except 4K Mode) Yes
Creative Control (Except 4K Mode) Miniature Effect, Silent Movie, 8mm Movie, Time Lapse Rec
Recording Media SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
Recording Format [AVCHD] AVCHD Progressive
Recording Format [MP4] MP4
Compression Method MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
AVCHD 1080/50p (28Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080/50p)
AVCHD PH (24Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080/50i)
AVCHD HA (17Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080/50i)
AVCHD HG (13Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080/50i)
AVCHD HE (5Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080/50i)
MP4 2160p/25p(18M) (18Mbps / VBR), (3840 x 2160)
MP4 2160p/24p(18M) (18Mbps / VBR), (3840 x 2160)
MP4 1080p/50p(50M) (50Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080)
MP4 1080p/50p(28M) (28Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080)
MP4 1080p/24p(50M) (50Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080)
MP4 180p/25p(9M) (9Mbps / VBR), (1280 x 180)
Actual Recordable Time with Supplied Battery (LCD OFF) Approx. 45 min (4K MP4)
Approx. 50 min (2160p/24p)
Approx. 55 min (50p, PH, HA, HG, HE, MP4 50M, MP4 28M modes)
Approx. 1 h 0 min (1080p/24p)
Approx. 1 h 5 min (MP4 180p)
Thumbnail Display 6 thumbnails/page, 1 thumbnail/page
Audio Recording System AVCHD: Dolby Audio (5.1ch / 2ch)
Audio Recording System MP4: AAC (2ch)
Microphone 5.1ch Surround, Zoom, Focus and Stereo Microphone
Speaker Dynamic type
Recording Format JPEG (DCF/Exif2.2)
Recording Image Size Still Image: [16:9] 25.9megapixels (6784 x 3816), 14 megapixels (4992 x 2808), 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080)
Still Image: [4:3] 20.4 megapixels (5216 x 3912), 10.9 megapixels (3808 x 2856), 0.3 megapixels (640 x 480)
Simultaneous Recording: Full-HD only: [16:9] 14.0 megapixels (4992 x 2808), 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080)
Power Supply 3.6V (Battery) / 5.0V (AC Adaptor)
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 69 x 77 x 167 mm (2.717 x 3.032 x 6.575 inch)
Weight (w/o battery and SD card) Approx. 450 g (0.992 lb)
LCD Monitor 7.5cm (3.0-type) Wide LCD monitor (460,800 dots )
Touch Panel Yes
View Finder 0.24-inch Wide EVF (1.555.200 dots equivalent)
Manual Ring / Dial Yes (Ring)
Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Frequency 2.4GHz band
HDMI Yes (micro)
Microphones (stereo mini) Yes
LINE-IN (stereo mini) Yes (Shared with mic jack)
Headphone (stereo mini) Yes
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
USB Charge Yes



* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice


  • Panasonic HC-VXF1 4K Digital Camcorder
  • Rechargeable Battery

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