The NiSi Switch 100mm Filter Holder New allows photographers to independently rotate and position graduated filters at different angles for complex lighting scenarios. The holder supports 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters, making it compatible with most of the NiSi filter range. It boasts a robust aluminium build quality and is designed to work with the 82mm adapter found in the NiSi Filter Kits.

Rotate Two Filters Independently

The switch takes the rotating design of previous NiSi filter holders to the next level with the ability to rotate two filters independently of each other. The first rotation allows photographers to level their graduated filters to match the horizon of their composition, while the second rotation gives shooters the ability to finely adjust the exposure for more complex lighting conditions.

No Wide-Angle Vignetting

Even when shooting with an ultra-wide angle lense like the 16-35mm the Switch doesn’t cause vignetting, making it a versatile holder suitable for a wide range of different shooting conditions.

Locking Screw Design

Keep your filter holder attached to the front of your lens and prevent the rotation of your first graduated ND with the locking screw. You can still rotate your circular polariser if you have the standard 82mm adaptor ring that comes with the Nisi Kits.

Premium Aluminium Alloy Build

Just like the existing range of NiSi filters and holders the Switch has a premium feel to it thanks to an aluminium-alloy construction that ensures it is both robust and lightweight making it a great addition to your landscape kit.

Compatible Filters

100x100mm 2mm thick, 100x150mm 2mm thick

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

NiSi Switch 100mm Filter Holder


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