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The NanLite PavoTube 15C RGBW 2ft LED Tube is a super versatile RGB tube-style LED light with an inbuilt battery and a handy wireless control option that lets you alter the light directly from your phone. For larger settings, connect many lights with a sync connection and use the pre-programmed special effects to produce police car flashes, candlelight, lightning, or even TV flicker. This basic LED tube light may immediately boost the production value of your content.

Multi-colour RGB Lighting

Unleash your creativity with the multi-colour tube-light, which can generate over 360 static RGB colours, making the NanLite PavoTube one of the most diverse lighting solutions on the market. You may also programme the light to cycle across the entire spectrum at your desired speed.

Adjustable Colour Temperature

With an adjustable colour temperature range from 2700- 6500K it’s easy to match the light to the ambient light in your shot whether it’s daylight or artificial lighting without the hassle of attaching gels or filters.

High Colour Rendering Index

The LED tube light boasts an impressive colour rendering index (CRI) of 98 as well as a television lighting consistency index (TLCI) of 9 which ensures that you can be colour confident when lighting your scene with the PavoTube.

Built-in Battery

One of the best things about the NanLite is the integrated 2200mAh battery that delivers more than 2 hours of operation when fully charged. This makes the light super versatile, simply charge it up using the included AC adapter and then take it on location with you wherever you’re shooting.

Dimmable Brightness Control

When lighting your scene, it’s important to be able to adjust the brightness of your lights and with the PavoTube it’s as simple as turning the dial at the end of the unit and selecting a level between 0 and 100. The light also has several buttons so that you can switch between RGB and white balance modes and adjust the lights settings.

Preset Special Effects

The NanLite PavoTube 15C RGBW 2ft LED Tube, which has six preset special effect modes, can reproduce a variety of lighting scenarios, such as the red and blue flash of a police car, the flicker of a TV, a lightning storm, or even the gentle glow of candlelight.

LED Type


Max Power Consumption

16 W

Power Supply

DC15 V 3A, AC 100 to 240V

Power Source

Integrated Battery

Charging Time

2-4 Hours

Run Time

2.2 Hours at Full Power

Colour Accuracy Standard

CRI 98



Colour Temperature

2700 to 6500K


Yes, 0 to 100%

Control Type

2.4G Wi-Fi, Dimming



Fixture Weight

1.9 lb / 0.86 kg

Cooling System


DMX Control



T12 & 1/4-20 via adaptor

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • 4x NanLite PavoTube 15C 2 ft 16w RGBWW LED Tubes
  • 2x AC Adapter
  • 4x Mounting Clips
  • 3x Sync Cord
  • 2x Power Cord
  • Carrying Bag


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.