Compatible with Muvi Drivecam

For total peace of mind the Veho Muvi Rear Camera is an essential accessory to the Veho Muvi Drivecam. Ideal for security, insurance and audit purposes, the camera records at Full HD quality video to vehicle to capture collisions and incidents that happen behind your car.

Simple Mounting

Its compact design ensures it can be installed inconspicuously at the rear of your vehicle, ensuring little to no obstruction of your rear-view mirror using a simple 3M double sided mount.

Adjustable Angle Design

Once mounted, the camera can then be rotated to achieve the perfect framing to compensate for the position and angle of your windscreen, ensuring you’re capturing all the road behind you.

No Batteries Required

A one-cable design means fuss-free connection to the main Muvi Drivecam unit. Conveniently the rear cam it is also entirely powered by the main unit, eliminating the need to worry about batteries, recharging or requiring a secondary cigarette adapter for power.

Plug and Play Installation

Simply plug one end of the included AV cable into the rear camera and route the other end into the AV in socket of the Main Drivecam unit. Once installed, the rear display of the Drivecam will show a picture-in-picture output of what is being recorded, enabling you to see what both cameras are capturing on the LCD Screen of the main Drivecam device.

Individual Front and Rear Video Files

The main unit will create separate video files for each camera feed, ensuring you can see an unobstructed Full HD quality view of what is being recorded in the actual video footage. The separate files are also handy for archive purposes, allowing you to conveniently file front and rear footage separately.

Includes Generous 6 Metre AV cable

With a generous 6 metre cable included, the Veho Muvi Rear View Dash Camera is suitable for most 4WD and family sedans, allowing you to route the AV-in cable to the main Drivecam unit with ease.

Note: This is not a standalone camera and requires the Veho Muvi Drivecam to record video.
  • Front and Rear Coverage for your Vehicle
  • Simple Mounting Design
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • No Power/Batteries Required
  • Picture-In-Picture Display
  • Separate Front/Rear Video Files
  • Includes Generous 6m AV Cable
  • Requires Veho Muvi Drivecam


Full HD 1080p


Veho Muvi Drivecam (VDC-001-KZ-1-F)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • Veho Drivecam Rear View Dash Camera (VDC-002-KZR)
  • AV Cable (6 metres)
  • Spare 3M Mounting Adhesive

Manufacturer Warranty

This product comes with a

12month Australian warranty

from Muvi Australia

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