The Manfrotto MT057 C4 carbon fibre tripod can support an impressive 18kg, giving you plenty of options when it comes to mounting different heads along with DSLRs, video cameras, and accessories. The versatile 4-section legs and rapid centre column offer a maximum height of 205cm with the ability to shoot as low as 23cm off the ground. Easy to use flip locks ensure quick and easy set-up, even with just one hand. The carbon fibre leg tubing is both strong and lightweight, making it the ideal companion for your camera gear while you're on the go.

Supports up to 20 Kg

Perfect for heavy video camera rigs and DSLRs with large telephoto lenses, the Manfrotto 057 Tripod supports up to 20kg.

Screw Locks and Easy Bubble Level

Screw locks on thecentre-post collar allow you to quickly and securely attach a wide range of tripod heads to the centre column. Thanks to the bubble level, you can easily align your camera with the horizon to ensure your footage remains level.

Rapid Centre Column

The rapid centre column is easy to adjust and further extends the tripod's height. A special column adapter brings the minimum working height down to 23cm for easy ground level shooting.

Versatile 4 Section Legs

The four leg sections extend to a maximum height of 205cm with the help of the centre column, allowing you to shoot stable videos and long exposure shots at a comfortable level.

Independent Leg Angle Adjustment

Each leg can be adjusted independently, offering 3 different angles to give you the flexibility needed for creative framing and shooting on uneven ground.

Leg Flip Locks

Magnesium flip locks on the legs provide a secure hold at your desired height and allow you to quickly extend and collapse the legs with just one hand.

Retractable Spikes

Spikes in the feet ensure your tripod and all your equipment remain steady on outdoor terrains. You can adapt this for indoor use by retracting the spikes.

Sturdy Construction

Made with a rigid design, the carbon fibre construction of the Manfrotto 057C4 CF Tripod offers durability against wear and tear. Thanks to the lightweight build, the tripod is perfect to take on all your adventures.

Attachment (top)

3/8-Inch screw attachment type

Bubble spirit level (no.)

1 number

Centre column


Closed length

66.5 cm



Column cross centre

3 faceted

Column tube diameter


Leg sections

4 sections

Leg angles

23°. 50°. 75°

Legs tube diameter

39.2 - 34.2 - 29.2 mm


Carbon fibre legs.

Aluminium column + magnesium

Aluminium castings

Suggested dolly


Maximum height

205 cm

Maximum height (with centre column down)

180 cm

Minimum height

23 cm

Safety payload

20 kg


3.5 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Manfrotto MT057C4 4-Section Carbon Fibre Tripod


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