Produces 40° Beam Pattern

The MagGrid focuses your flash output into a precise 40° beam pattern, producing a punchy directional spotlight effect with minimal spill and hotspots.

Stack Multiple Modifiers

Thanks to the Modular design of the MagMod system, the MagGrid can be stacked with another MagGrid to further increase the focus of light. Alternatively, it can be used with virtually any other MagMod modifier to give you even greater control of your creative lighting set up.

Add Coloured Gels for Special Effects

Add a MagGel 2 (sold separately) to really begin to push your creative boundaries. By incorporating polycarbonate gels (sold separately) with the MagGrid, you can not only control the shape and intensity of the light, but also modify the temperature, hue, or density of light for a broad range of special effects.

Flexible Silicone Rubber Construction

Made from a solid piece of silicone rubber, the MagMod MagGrid 2 is strong but flexible. Cram it into you bag with the confidence it will pop back into shape instantly.

Note: Not a stand-alone accessory. Requires MagGrip Modular Flash Mount (sold separately)

MagMod MagGrid 2


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