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Flashes & Lighting:

The Foundation of the MagMod System

The MagGrip is the foundation upon which the MagMod system is built. Take your creative flash photography to the next level with the MagMod range of flash modifiers and gels.

Neodymium Magnet Mount

Gone are the days of fighting with obnoxious Velcro, elastic bands and other contraptions to secure modifiers to your flash. With two freakishly strong magnets embedded in the MagGrip, you can add and remove the entire range of MagMod light modifiers quickly and easily.

Stack Multiple Gels and Modifiers

With a MagGrip on your flash simply add a magnetic modifiers to control the colour, shape, and level of light in your shot. Stack as many MagMod modifiers on top of the MagGrip as your heart desires—in any order.

Quality Silicone Construction

The MagGrip is a flexible silicone band that stretches over virtually all modern speedlights and stays put no matter what you do. Its advanced silicone rubber construction retains 99% of its elasticity over time ensuring reliability and excellent value for money. Drop it on the floor, squish it into even the smallest compartment in your bag and be confident the MagGrip can take it.

Universal Compatibility

Its universal design attaches to almost any hot shoe flash ever made, making it one small investment that will work with all your flashes. The MagGrip works with a variety of mixed flash brands, so you won’t need to upgrade all of your modifiers when you move up to a different size flash.

MagMod MagGrip


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