Turn Flight Batteries into Portable Power Banks

The Phantom 4 USB Charger can be used to turn your DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries into a power pack that can be used to recharge your USB devices, like a smartphones. To connect your batteries, the USB Charger requires a separately available 10 Pin-A or 2-PIN to DC power cable to work.

Supported DJI Charger Models

PH4C100 (Phantom 4 - 100W Charger)

ADE019 (Phantom 3 - 100W Charger)

A14-057N1A (Phantom 3 - 57W Charger)

ADE018 (Inspire 1 - 180W Charger)

A14-100P1A (Inspire 1 - 100W Charger)

Supported DJI Car Charger Models

C4S90-4 (Phantom 4 Car Charger)

C4S90 (Phantom 3 Car Charger)

C6S90 (Inspire 1 Car Charger)

Supported DJI Intelligent Battery Models

PH4-5350mAh-15.2V (Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery*)

PH3-4480mAh-15.2V (Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery**)

TB47/TB48 (Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Battery**)

844297-4350mAh-15.2V (Ronin Intelligent Battery**)

824380-3400mAh-14.8V (Ronin Intelligent Battery**)

423496-1580mAh-14.4V (Ronin-M Intelligent Battery**)

Items with *

Must be used with Battery (10 PIN-A) to DC Power Cable

Items with **

Must be used with Battery (2 PIN) to DC Power Cable

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

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