The Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI represents an evolutionary step for on-camera flashes. Packed with cutting edge technology, the 470 EX features an Auto Intelligent function that can calculate and control the motorised flash head to create consistent bounce flash lighting effects.

Guide Number 47 @ ISO100

At it's heart, the 470 EX-AI is a full featured flash that delivers a powerful Guide Number 47m @ ISO100 - ample power for a broad range of shooting scenarios. Its cutting-edge difference lies in its ability to deliver consistent, natural, flattering bounce lighting without the trial-and-error of a standard flash.

Two AI Bounce Modes

The 470EX-AI features two AI Bounce modes. It can bet set to full auto which allows the flash to intelligently decide the optimum flash intensity and head position for perfect diffused bounce lighting effects from a roof or wall, or semi-auto which allows the photographer to manually set the flash angle to achieve a specific look.

Automatic Bounce Flash Mode

In full auto the 470EX-AI will automatically position and fire the flash head in first a forward and then an upward facing direction to map out the reflective surfaces of the space you are in. Instantly analysing the results, the flash head will then move to an optimal angle for the perfect bounce flash result.

Automated Portrait & Landscape Orientation

Additionally, the flash head can automatically manoeuvre between portrait and landscape orientation via a simple double half press of the shutter button. Delivering shooting convenience like never before, the 470EX speedlite offers consistent exposures whilst reducing the amount of post processing required to deliver uniform looking results.

Semi-Automatic Bounce Flash Mode

The automatic switching between portrait and landscape orientations also occurs on the semi-automatic mode, delivering the creative flexibility to quickly change the composition of your shot, even when your bounce angle is manually set without having to worry about re-adjusting the flash.

Full Manual Control

Naturally, the 470EX can be used in full manual mode, like a traditional flash. The flash head rotates 180° left and right, plus 120° upwards to equip you with a very broad range of angles to play with.

19 Custom Functions

With a wide flash coverage that caters for focal ranges from 24mm to 105mm, the 470EX also features 19 custom functions that allowing you to take creative control to challenge your creative boundaries.

Built-in Optical Transmitter & Receiver

A built-in wireless optical transmitter and receiver extends your creative possibilities even further. Opening up the world of off-camera flash, the wireless modes enable the flash to be fired from up to 10m away, equipping you with the ability to set up multi-flash scenes and multiple light configurations.

Large Dot-Matrix LCD Panel

The bright LCD panel at the rear features an intuitive interface that makes it a breeze for you to check your current exposure, navigate and adjust various shooting settings, and make the most of shortcut buttons to access frequently used functions

Suits Beginners and Professional Photographers

Putting the ability to produce professional quality lighting in the hands of beginners, enthusiasts and experts alike, the Canon 470 EX-AI Speedlight ensures it will be a piece of hardware that will remain in your arsenal for years to come.

Manufacturer Warranty

This product comes with a

12  month Australian warranty

from Canon Australia

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