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The Cactus Laser Trigger is designed to work with the Cactus V5, V6, and RF60X transceivers to help you capture decisive moments of fast moving subjects like professional athletes, elusive camera-shy animals. It works by generating a laser beam that triggers a flash unit when the beam is blocked or unblocked. With an impressive operational distance of 150 metres between devices and a combined weight of 310g the triggers can also be combined the Cactus Trigger Cables to activate your camera shutter as well.

Dual Trap and Escape Trigger Modes

The kit uses two laser devices; an emitter and a receiver to establish a laser beam with a “trap” trigger that when interrupted fired your flash and can trigger the shutter on your camera. The laser units also have an alternative “escape” trigger mode that activates when an object blocking the beam is removed.

Designed for the Cactus V5 and V6 Systems

With built-in radio functionality, the laser trap system can send a signal direct to the Cactus V5 and V6 systems to trigger either a flash and when combined with an optional cactus trigger cable can trigger a camera shutter. Alternatively, the optional trigger cable can be plugged directly from the laser receiver unit to the camera to trigger the shutter.

Single and Continuous Shooting Modes

Shoot a shot precisely when the unit is triggered or use the multi-shot mode for a burst of shots. The choice of shooting modes allows you to capture an exact moment or a continuous burst of shots that can capture multiple options for you to choose from. This function can be modified with a convenient switch on the side of the sensor unit.

Customisable Delay and Freeze Periods

For complete control the LV 5 has 15 selectable intervals that allow you to set a delay at between 1-400 ms from the moment the laser is triggered and the flash or shutter fires. A freeze period between 20ms and 4 seconds can be used to disable the trigger from reacting after it has already been trigger or combined with the bulb shooting mode on a camera to control how long the shutter is open for.

Included Hood Ensures Functionality in a Range of Conditions

The emitter and receiver units can be placed as far as 150 metres apart from each other and use an intelligent design that allows then to operate up t0 20m in strong, direct sunlight. The kit includes a removable hood that attaches with a bayonet-style mount to improve performance while shooting outdoors.

Lightweight and Multiple Power Options

When arranged in the correct configuration each device needs only 2 AAA batteries top operate but they also have the capacity to accept 4 AAA batteries if you need a longer run time. The units have a combined weight of just 310g, making them incredibly portable and easy to take on location.

Hot Shoe and 1/4-inch Thread Mountable

Both receiver and emitter of the Cactus LV 5 Laser Trigger System can be attached on a standard hot shoe and have a 1/4-inch thread screw for mounting on lighting stands. They can be tilted at an angle of 65° up or 20° down by loosening and tightening the angle lock screw on the side of the units.

NOTE: To use the shutter release function of the LV5 a Shutter Release Cable is required.

Working radio frequency


Number of radio channels


Selectable laser frequencies


Supported sync speed

Up to 1/1000s (subject to the camera’s sync speed limitation);

Effective distance between Emitter and Sensor

150m in dark environment;


20m under strong and direct sunlight;

RF effective distance

0.3m to 100m;

Operating temperature

-20°C to +50°C

Camera voltage handling

0V to 6V;

Power input

Operates with 4 or 8 AAA 1.5V batteries in Emitter and Sensor;

Battery consumption (2 AAA / 4 AAA batteries)



40-80 hours


Standby 90-180 hours, Trap operation 85-175 hours, Escape operation 60-125 hours

Angle lock tilt

20° down to 65° up

Shutter release port





92mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 93mm (H)


153mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 93mm (H) (including hood)






175g (including hood)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • LV5 Emitter
  • LV5 Sensor
  • LV5 Hood
  • Delay/Freeze Sticker x2
  • Poster
  • 3.5mm Plug Cable (CA-350)
  • PC Sync Cable (CA-100)
  • English User Manual
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