The Zoom H4n Pro Digital Recorder is a handheld audio recorder with adjustable X/Y microphones that can handle 140 dB SPL, multiple recording modes, two built-in low-noise preamps, on board effects, and more. Its hefty list of features and included accessory pack makes it ideal for not only recording film audio or podcasts, but also for creating and editing multi-tracked audio with your digital audio workstation. Powered by two AA batteries, the Zoom H4n Pro audio recorder is both powerful and convenient.

Built-In Stereo X/Y Microphones

There are two unidirectional condenser microphones on the Zoom H4n Pro Digital Recorder arranged in an X/Y configuration that can handle sound levels up to 140 dB. With a single twist, the microphone angle can be adjusted from 90°, for tighter sound focus, to 120° to capture a wider range, all while maintaining the X/Y arrangement to give you recordings free of phase cancellation.

Three Modes for Recording

The Zoom H4n Pro is capable of recording and playing WAV and MP3 formats. With three different recording modes available, you can choose whichever best suits your project.

Stereo Mode

This mode uses the built-in X/Y microphones or externally attached microphones to capture stereo recordings of live audio, like music or lectures.

Four Channel Mode

Four Channel Mode (4CH) allows you to record with the built-in X/Y microphones and the two external inputs simultaneously.

Multi-Track Mode

Multi-track mode (MTR) makes use of the H4n Pro’s overdub functions, on-board effects, and offers the ability to work with previously recorded material.

Recording Functions

The Zoom H4n Pro also comes with two convenient recording functions available in Stereo and Four Channel Mode.
Pre-Record Function
The previous 2 seconds of audio before pushing the record button are also included in your recording. When recording at 96k or in 4CH mode, 1 second of previous audio is recorded.

Recording starts automatically when a predetermined sound level, set by the user, is detected. This function also includes Auto-Record Stop, which ends recording once the sound drops below your set levels.

Built-In Effects

On board the H4n Pro Recorder is an impressive variety of audio effects, including delay, echo, low-cut filter, limiting, and reverb, metronome, chromatic tuner, along with other effects and amp models designed for guitars and bass. Playback looping is also available, giving you the ability to independently adjust the pitch and speed of your recording, making the H4n Pro great for audio transcribing.

Included M/S Decoder

An M/S decoder is also included in the H4n Pro, allowing you to plug external microphones into its preamps and record audio in a Mid-Side mic configuration. Using this type of set-up provides greater control over the width of the stereo spread and lets you make adjustments after you’ve finished recording which can be particularly useful in broadcasting or sound creation.

Input and Output Connections Available

The H4n Pro has a 2.5V power supplied 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and combination inputs for XLR or 1/4 inch cables, both balanced and unbalanced, so you can plug in external mics, instruments and Phantom power of 24 or 48V. The H4n Pro has a stereo 1/8 inch line/phone out and a USB port for easy for file transfer and also acts as a 2-in/2-out audio interface for recording straight to your computer.

Backlit LCD

With a backlit LCD on the Zoom H4n Pro, you can easily check and adjust settings on the fly. The screen is bright and visible in a variety of lighting conditions.

Recording Time and Stamina Mode

The recorder is conveniently powered by two AA batteries which can provide up to 6 hours of recording time when used in normal mode, and up to 10 hours when switched to Stamina Mode.

Music Production and Editing Software

The H4n Pro comes with licences for Steinberg's Cubase LE software for music production and the WaveLab LE audio editing software. This software is particularly handy when using the USB audio interface.

Compact, Durable and Ergonomic

A rubberized exterior provides the small H4n Pro Digital Recorder with a good grip and light impact resistance. There are also upgraded locking points on the XLR/TRS connections to ensure your cables remain secure. For hands free usage, the H4n Pro recorder can also be mounted to a tripod, light stand, or a DSLR (requires optional Hot Shoe adapter).

Zoom H4n Pro Accessory Pack Included

The included accessory pack takes convenience to the next level. It features a windscreen, splitter cable, attenuator cable, USB cable, and an AC adapter designed for your H4n Pro recorder.


Number of simultaneous recording tracks

2 (STEREO mode), 4 (4CH mode), 2 (MTR mode)

Number of simultaneous playback tracks

2 (STEREO mode), 4 (4CH mode), 4 (MTR mode)

Recording time 4 GB (SDHC)

Approx. 380 minutes (WAV 44.1 kHz / 16-bit stereo track)
Approx. 68 hours (MP3 44.1 kHz / 128 kbps stereo track)
* Recording times are approximations. Actual times may differ according to recording conditions.

Maximum file size of simultaneous recording

2 GB



Locate function


Other functions

Punch-in/out, Bounce, A-B repeat

Effects modules

MTR Mode: PRE AMP module, EFX module






Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Open A/D/E/G, DADGAD

Metronome sound sources


Variable beat

1/4 - 8/4, 6/8, unaccentuated


40.0 - 250.0 BPM

A/D conversion

24-bit × 128 oversampling

D/A conversion

24-bit × 128 oversampling

Recording media

SD card (16 MB – 2 GB), SDHC card (4 GB – 32 GB)


128 x 64 dots Full-dot backlit LCD

Data Type - Wav Format (Record/Play)


16- / 24-bit

Sampling frequency

44.1 / 48 / 96 kHz

Data Type - Mp3 Format (Recording)

Bit rate

48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320 kbps, VBR

Sampling frequency

44.1 kHz

Data Type - Mp3 Format (Playback)

Bit rate

32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320 kbps, VBR

Sampling frequency

44.1 / 48 kHz


Input [1] [2]

XLR (balanced input) / standard phone (unbalanced input) combo jack

Input impedance

(Using balanced input) 3 kO or more, pin 2 hot
(Using unbalanced input) 470 kO or more

Input gain

(Using balanced input) -16 dB to +43 dB
(Using unbalanced input) -30 dB to +32 dB

Built-in stereo mic

Unidirectional condenser microphone
Sensitivity: -45 dB/1 Pa at 1 kHz
Input gain: -16 dB to +51 dB
Maximum sound pressure input: 140 dB SPL

External mic

Mini stereo phone jack
Input impedance: 2 kO or more
Input gain: - 16 dB to +51 dB



LINE Output load impedance: 10 kO or more
LINE rated output level: -10 dBu
PHONE: 20 mW + 20 mW (into 32O load)

Monaural speaker

400 mW 8 O

Phantom power

48V, 24V, OFF


USB 2.0 High Speed Mass Storage Class operation, Audio interface operation
(USB functions can be operated by USB bus power)

Power requirements

DC 5V 1A AC from AC adapter (ZOOM AD-14), 2 x AA batteries


IEC R6 (size AA) x 2

Continuous recording time

Using built-in mics at 44.1 kHz/16-bit without headphones connected
About 6 hours using alkaline batteries or about 8 hours using NiMH (2450mAh) batteries

Using built-in mics at 44.1 kHz/16-bit without headphones connected
About 10 hours using alkaline batteries or about 12 hours using NiMH (2450mAh) batteries


73 (W) × 157.2 (D) × 37 (H) mm


294 g

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Zoom H4n Pro Digital Recorder - FXR004PRO
  • Protective Case
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Download License for Steinberg Cubase LE & WaveLab LE Software

  • Zoom H4n Pro Accessory Pack
  • Hairy windscreen
  • Splitter cable
  • Attenuator cable
  • USB Cable
  • AC adapter
  • Manufacturer Warranty

    This product comes with a

    24 month Australian warranty

    from Dynamic Music
    (the sole authorised Australian Distributor)

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