The CRANE-M2 S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Combo Kit from Zhiyun-Tech is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, with even more power to support compact cameras, mobile phones, and action cameras weighing up to 1kg. The M2 S retains all of the fantastic features of the M2 while adding even more capability, such as a greater payload, longer runtime, PD rapid charging, a smaller handgrip, elegant two-tone design, Bluetooth 5 connectivity, a revised quick release camera plate, and a built-in LED light. This combo set also includes a smartphone clamp, an improved small tripod, and a TransMount EasyGo Backpack. 

The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE-M2 S gimbal has six modes of operation, including POV and Vortex, and enables 360° pan, 320° tilt, and 320° roll rotation. It has a built-in battery that lasts about 10.5 hours and can be recharged with the provided cable. The gimbal can power a supported camera and manage its zoom, shutter, and video start/stop features via a cable connection. You may also manage the gimbal motions with the free ZY Play mobile app for iOS and Android, which gives you remote control over numerous gimbal operations and filmmaking tools like time-lapse, panorama, and slow-motion capture. 

The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE-M2 S Stabiliser has a rapid release camera mounting system that allows you to secure or remove your camera with a single lock button press. Scale markers and memory locks assist you in balancing the camera and locking the balance position for the camera in operation. The built-in fill light is integrated opposite the camera plate and has a CRI of 90+, 1000-lumen brightness, five brightness settings, and four adjustable filters for changing the colour temperature. 

Number of Axes 

3-Axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw) 

Rotation Range 

Yaw (Pan): 360° 
Pitch (Tilt): 320° 
Roll: 320° 

Load Capacity 

998 g 


1 x USB Type-C (Power) Input 
1 x USB Type-C (Power / Control) Output 

Wireless Frequency 

2.4 GHz 

Wireless Protocol 

Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi (Unspecified Type) 

Battery Type 

1 x Built-In 

Capacity (mAh) 

1150 mAh 

Battery Runtime 


Battery Charging Time 


Operation Voltage 

Max: 12.6V 
Standard: 11.1V 
Min: 9.6V 

Operation Current 

Max: 4000mA 
Min: 135mA 

Operation Temperature 

Max: 50℃ 
Standard: 25℃ 
Min: -10℃ 

Output Voltage 

Standard: 5V 

Operating Voltage 

9.6 to 12.6 VDC 

Operating Current 

135 to 4000 mA 

Operating Temperature 

 -10 to 45°C 


240 x 150 x 68 mm 


 549 g 


Tilt Mechanical Range 
Standard: 320° 
Roll Mechanical Range 
Standard: 320° 
Pan Mechanical Range 
Standard: 360° 

  • Tripod (M2) 

  • Fill Light Filters 

  • Phone Clamp(M2) 

  • Carrying Bag 

  • TypeC to Micro Camera Charging Cable 

  • TypeC to TypeC Camera Charging Cable 

  • TypeC to USB Cable 


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