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Cleaning & Maintenance:

The VisibleDust EZ Smear Away Kit can clean the hardest lubricant or oil stains on your full-frame or APS-C sensor with a single swipe. Ideal for use on sensors up to 24mm, it ensures your sensor will operate at its maximum imaging potential.


Removes Tough Lubricant and Oil Stains

The VisibleDust EZ Smear Away Kit includes VDust Plus and Smear Away cleaning solutions for your camera sensor and 5 V Swabs for easy application. Used together they are designed to clean oil, dust, pollen and other contaminates from the sensor surface. The VDust Plus solution also provides dust-repellent, anti-static and anti-fog properties, ensuring that your camera’s sensor remains cleaner for longer.


Anti-Scratch Properties

The Smear Away cleaning solution is manufactured as per the highest standards of quality practiced in pharmaceutical industries. It contains an anti-scratch component that prevents particles present on the surface of the sensor from scratching the sensor while you are cleaning it to offer the greatest protection, even after multiple cleanings.


Streak-Free Application

The VSwabs remove stains and smears on the first swipe. The Green V swab’s patented V shape allows maximum manoeuvrability and uniform motion inside the chamber to effectively reach all four corners of the sensor. Its multi-fabric surface ensures best results for oil and smear removal; delivering a streak-free finish, even on coated sensors.


Suits Full Frame Sensors up to 24mm

The VisibleDust EZ Smear Away kit is ideal for cleaning a digital camera with full frame or APS-C sized sensors. Especially useful for photographers working in dusty or otherwise unfavourable conditions, the kit ensures your sensor maintains its maximum level of performance and improved protection against re-contamination.

  • 5x Green Vswabs
  • 1x Smear Away Bottle - 1.15ml
  • 1x VDust Plus Bottle - 1.15ml
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