Take your indoor and outdoor portrait photography to the next level with the 60cm Triangular Reflector.  Its convenient triangular shape offers improved rigidity over a circular reflector, making it easy for an assistant to fine-tune your reflector effects without getting in the way of the subject. Perfect for portraits, headshots, fashion and product photography, they represent a value for money addition to any aspiring photographer's kit.

Professional Lighting Effects

The reflector can be used with all types of light sources including speedlights, studio strobes plus natural sunlight both indoors and outdoors. This versatility equips you with the ability to create a variety of lighting effects and moods for a wide range of portrait or product photography applications. Its single handed operation enables your assistant to potentially reflect light at two angles, allowing you to explore advanced lighting techniques.

Silver And White Reflective Finishes

Silver on one side, and white on the other, the reflector can deliver a high contrast reflective bounce to boost highlights using the silver finish, or deliver a bright, natural second light for eliminating shadows on the white side. 

Lightweight, Collapsible Design

Designed to be easy to use both indoors and while shooting on-location, the twist-fold spring frame allows the 60cm Triangular Light Reflector to instantly open to its full size and shape, and fold into a small size to fit into the included bag for easy storage and transport.
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