Adjustable Arm

The TetherTools Rock Solid Articulating Arm with Centre Lock is an 11 inch arm designed to hold a variety of devices including tablets and phones in place. The articulating arm is simple to adjust and manoeuvre, requiring only a single knob turn to hold or release any arm manipulation.

Compatible with Versatile Mounts and Supports

Both ends of the arm contain a 1/4”-20 threading making it compatible with a wide range of support devices and holders, including the Tether Tools Wallee tablet system and Rock Steady clamps (all sold separately). A hot shoe adapter is included which enables the arm to be directly mounted to a camera, making it simple to add a directional microphone, GoPro, teleprompter or other device.

Sturdy and Lightweight

The Tether Tools Rock Solid Articulating 11”Arm is constructed entirely out of aerospace aluminium for excellent durability and stability while keeping lightweight. The sturdy arm is able to support fixtures up to 2.04 kg.
Software Wizard, Interactive help, Advanced Features
Connection USB connection
Calibration Settings 16 Choices
Multiple Monitor Support Laptop, Desktop Monitors
Before and After Calibration Evaluation Standard Datacolor Image, Imported User Images
Room Light Monitoring 3 Ambient Light Settings
Fast Recalibration Option Yes
Spyder5 Colorimeter 7 Filter/Detector
Aperture Size 27mm
Encapsulated Optical Module Yes
Sensor Lens Cap Yes
Initial Calibration Time 5 minutes
Recalibration Time 2.5 minutes
Mounting Methods Lens cap counterweight

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  • Tether Tools Rock Solid Articulating Arm with Centre Lock - 11 inch
  • Hot shoe adapter
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