The RapidMount Lights and Action Kit is the perfect choice for location shoots, events or weddings. It is simple to use and can be easily attached to both smooth and textured walls.

Tether Tools’ RapidMount Lights and Action Kit includes one Rapid Mount SLX, one Rapid Mount Q20, and 140 RapidStrip adhesives.

RapidMount SLX Mounts and Positions Speedlights

The RapidMount SLX Speedlight Holder can be used to position speedlights and flashes to ensure your subject is perfectly lit. RapidStrips are used to safely attach the mount to the surface while the arms and elastic drawstring support the speedlight keeping it in place.

Q20 Mounts and Positions Devices

The RapidMount Q20 improves the versatility of the kit, equipping you with the ability to mount action cameras, LED Panels, phones, or small accessories to walls and other flat surfaces. Also used in conjunction with the RapidStrip adhesives, the Q20 features a 1/4"-20 arm that supports 360° rotation and 180° tilt, allowing you a panoramic view and easy capture of all the action around you.

RapidStrips Safely Secures the Devices

Integral to the RapidMount Kit, the RapidStrips safely secures the SLX and Q20 to many different wall surfaces such as laminate, fiberglass, metal, drywall, veneer, glass, mirror, tile, porcelain and marble. The RapidStrips have EasyPeel tabs for quick and easy installation and removal. The adhesives can be removed from the walls easily, without leaving any residues behind after your shoot has ended.

Improving your creativity and on-location versatility, the Tether Tools Rapid Mount Speedlight and Action Cam Mount kit allows you to solve a range of lighting and compositional difficulties in a broad range of shooting scenarios.
  • RapidMount Q20
  • RapidMount SLX
  • 140 RapidStrip Adhesive Strips
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