TheSynco Audio MA38 Microphone Arm Stand with 10' XLR Cable is an elegant solution for those looking to record high quality audio and keep their setup simple.

High Compatibility

The top of the stand has a universal 5/8" threaded adapter, which is compatible with a wide range of microphone and microphone accessories. A clip with a maximum diameter of 35mm can also be used to attach your microphone tightly and to stop it from dropping.

Built-in Cable & Ergonomic Design

A built in cable adds to the simplicity and provides a cleaner and tidier work station. The internal spring will offer support for your boom arm while giving plenty of options for positioning and placement, all this while minimising wobble.

Dual scissor arms of 450mm give you an extended recording distance while remaining flexible. The 150 degree folding arms give you a total of 360 degrees of swivel.

Heavy Duty Support

Even at its compact size when folded down the MA38 Arm has heavy duty carrying potential. Weighing in at 1.2kgs, you are able to hold a load of 1.1kgs extended. The Synco MA38 allows you to securely attach your microphone easily in personal studios, a voice or music studio, for broadcast or podcasting.

The C Style Clamp will tightly grasp surfaces up to 60mm in thickness without damaging the surface. Even when loosening and tightening the clamp, your desk is protected with a flat metal tray.


1.2kg (carrying weight 1.1kg)



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  • MA38 Microphone Arm Stand with 10' XLR Cable
  • C Clamp
  • Mic Clip


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