The SpiderPro Dual Camera System V2 is an innovative carrying solution designed with photographic professionals in mind. The holster-style system can hold two large DSLRs and consists of 4 components for each camera; the belt, camera holster, camera plate and pin which work together to deliver a comfortable alternative to the traditional neck strap. The new version takes the original design to the next level with an improved belt, updated camera plate and new anti-twist pin.

Built for Professional Gear

The belt supports waists between 28”-50” and has been engineered for the largest camera bodies to ensure stability, support and all-day comfort no matter what camera and lens combo you shoot with. Its rugged construction and triple-lock buckle inspire confidence and gives you the freedom to move around unimpeded.

Quick Draw Holster for Sharp Shooting

The camera holster is at the heart of the SpiderPro V2 system, allowing you camera to be comfortably secured at your hip rather than swinging around your neck. It is constructed from stainless steel as well as hardened aluminium and has been designed and tested to survive the rigours of professional use.

Locked, Loaded and Secure

With a two-position locking mechanism the holster can provide either enhanced security and piece of mind or super-fast access. The lower locking position secures your camera each time it’s placed in the holster, while the upper position disengages the lock for quick, hassle-free access. The holster can also be attached to the left or the right side of the belt depending on your preference making it more versatile and convenient.

Super-comfortable Belt

The belt features an adjustable length from 71-127cm and has been designed to provide all-day comfort no matter what camera and lens combo you shoot with. Its rugged construction and triple-lock buckle inspire confidence giving you the freedom to move around unimpeded.

Improved Plate

The plate and pin design can be used to connect any professional DSLR or mirrorless camera quickly and firmly to the SpiderPro holster. The new plate is wider than the original but is still made from the same lightweight cast aluminium alloy as the original. It also features a new anti-slip rubber grip prevent camera rotation for a more secure and balanced shooting experience.

Enhanced Compatibility

Designed to be compatible with all tripods the updated plate is also easily integrated with the spider pro hand strap. The base plate also features a connection for third-party sling style straps as well as integrated storage for an adjustment allen key.

Updated Pin Design

Cut from a solid piece of stainless steel the pin can be attached to one of 5 possible holes on the camera plate depending on the size and weight of your setup. The new design has an anti-twist feature that prevents dethreading and is set lower in the plate, so it doesn’t protrude as much.

Perfect for Run-and-Gun Photographers

The Spider Pro V2 Dual Camera System is ideal for run-and-gun style shooters and great for photographers who can’t afford to miss a shot while changing lenses.

Recommended Weight Range

2.25+ kg

Belt Length


System Weight



Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminium

1 x SpiderPro V2 Belt + V2 Pad
2 x SpiderPro V2 Camera Holster
2 x SpiderPro V2 Plate w/ Allen Key
1x SpiderPro Lens Collar Plate
2 x SpiderPro Pin


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