Venture below the surface with your Sony RX 100 compact camera with the URX100A Underwater Housing. As well as the ability to descend as deep as 40m underwater the housing can also be used for snorkelling, winter sports or a simple day out at the beach.

Dual Waterproofing Gaskets

The housing uses dual gaskets that provide double waterproofing protection to ensure that your camera gear stays safe and moisture free as you explore underwater.

Retain Camera Control

Because the underwater case is designed for the RX100 cameras it allows use of the camera’s built in flash as well as adjustment of camera settings like exposure, aperture, shutter speed and zoom. The case buttons also provide the ability to start and stop video recording, switch between drive modes and review your images.

Customisable Design

Boasting a range of expandable options, the housing provides a 67mm diameter filter mount in front of the camera to add in colours filters or conversion lenses as well as mounts for optional external flash systems and grips.

Fits RX100 Series Cameras

With a custom design that perfectly matches the button layout and size of the Sony RX100 I-V series compact cameras, the MPK-URX100A Sony Underwater Housing allows to take your favourite Sony compact underwater to capture incredible marine shots.

NOTE: The Sony URX100A Underwater Housing is desgined for the RX-100 Mark I, II, III, IV and V but is not compatible with the RX-100 Mark VI.

Dimensions (W × H × D):

Approx. 155.3 mm x 127.5 mm x 125.0 mm


655g *Housing only

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.