The Sony AC-VQ1051D is a twin battery charger and AC adapter compatible with Sony L series InfoLITHIUM™ batteries. It features an intelligent display that confirms charging time left and remaining battery life in both minutes and as percentage. Relay-type charging recharges up to two batteries simultaneously. The charger also includes a car battery cable (DCC-VQ1) for charging up from a vehicle when out and about.

Compatible with the following Sony Handycam video cameras:

HDR-AX2000 / HDR-FX1 / HDR-FX7 / HDR-FX1000



Charging time (Approx) :

310min / 250min (NP-F970), 245min / 185min (NP-F960), 225min / 165min (NP-F950), 210min / 150min (NP-F930), 230min / 170min (NP-F770), 170min / 110min (NP-F750), 160min / 100min (NP-F730), 170min / 110min (NP-F730H), 145min / 85min (NP-F570), 115min / 55min (NP-F550), 110min / 50min (NP-F530), 100min / 40min (NP-F330)

Output Voltage :


Power Requirements :

100-240V, 50/60Hz

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