Thanks to a fluid damping system, the Sirui VH-10X Pro Fluid Video Head offers incredibly smooth and precise pan and tilt movement for executing smooth cinematic camera moves. Both pan and tilt can be independently locked and the pan drag offers 4-stage friction control for an easy to customise look and feel. The head is a perfect for videographers using compact camcorders and DSLRs weighing up to 4kg, and is also suitable for use with lightweight scopes to observe wildlife.

4kg Payload and Counterbalance Mechanism

Designed for serious performance, the Sirui VH-10X Pro can support up to 4kg of weight, ideal for DSLRs and video cameras. A spring-loaded counterbalance weight pre-set to 2kg responds to the cameras weight and moves the head to its neutral position when tilted. This helps achieve better balance and ensures smoother tilt movements even when no tilt resistance is set.

Smooth Pan and Tilt Movement with Independent Locking

The VH10X offers fluid -65° to +90° tilting and full 360° panning with independent locking, giving you complete control along both horizontal and vertical axes.

4-Level Friction Control for Panning

Four stage friction control, including a free rotating zero position, allows smoother and more precise panning adjustments. Depending on your equipment and shooting requirements, you can choose hard fluid settings for a slow pan movement, or soft fluidity that’s ideal for quicker actions.

Variable Tilt Drag

Tilt drag is continuously adjustable to suit the amount of resistance you need. The right amount of tilt drag when combined with smooth panning, allows you to capture video with fluid motion that lends itself to a professional look and feel.

Quick Release with Dual Safety Lock System

The tripod head is equipped with a quick release mechanism that features an additional safety lock button to prevent the camera plate from accidentally slipping off the head while aligning the camera. Etched scale markings on the platform enable you to easily reposition your equipment.

Sliding Camera Plate

A 90mm sliding camera plate allows you to adjust balance and features reference marks on both sides to help you re-align your favourite camera and lens combinations. The quick release camera plate has 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch screws, a rubberised surface, and an anti-rotation pin.

Adjustable Pan Arm

The pan bar has a rubberised grip and can be mounted on either side of the tripod head allowing you to shoot with either hand. The length and angle can also be easily adjusted to increase your comfort no matter how you camera is mounted on the head.

Two Bubble Levels

To help horizontally align your shots, the Sirui VH 10X Pro Fluid Video Head has two built-in bubble levels; one on the base of the head to align the tripod and the other on the quick release clamp to align the camera. This ensures you’re level and ready to shoot when you need to be.

Load Capacity

4 kg

Tilt Range

-65° / +90°

Tilt Lock


Tilt Drag

Stepless adjustment with locking knob (continuously adjustable from 0 to max level)

Pan Range


Pan Lock


Pan Drag

4 - stage (including "0" position)

Counter Balance System

Spring-loaded, Pre-set to 2 kg

Pan Arm Handle

Single. Adjustable from 30 to 47cm

Base Plate

65 mm with 3/8-inch screw

Quick Release Plate

Sirui BP-90 with 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch screws and security pin

Balance Plate Length

90 mm

Bubble Level



Aluminium (black anodised)


125 mm


1.2 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • Sirui VH-10X Pro Fluid Video Head
  • Sirui BP-90 Quick Release Plate
  • Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap


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