20kg Load Capacity

The Sirui A-10R Ball Head is manufactured to the highest standards to deliver maximum accuracy and reliability. With a maximum tolerance of 0.01mm between the ball and the bearing, the a10R delivers rock solid stability and an impressive 20kg load capacity.

Independent Pan, Tilt and Tension Adjustment

Featuring independent knobs for pan, tilt and tension, the ball head is designed for fast, accurate framing to ensure you can capture picture perfect images, every time.

360° Panning Clamp

An additional panning clamp with accurate 360° rotational markings ensures panoramic shots are achieved with maximum precision.

Built-in Spirit Level

A built-in spirit level is a handy addition to ensure your images are perfectly level on both the horizontal and vertical axis.

Convenient Arca-Swiss QR plate

The Arca-Swiss style quick-release plate offers additional versatility of allowing you to quickly remove your mounted camera if you need to shoot handheld. The additional advantage of the Arca-Swiss style system is global compatibility with other accessories which also feature the Arca style mount.

Aluminium Alloy Construction

The Sirui A-10R Ball Head weighs just 360g thanks to it’s lightweight yet durable aluminium-alloy construction.


Aluminium Alloy

Ball Diameter






Load Capacity


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  • Sirui A-10R Ball Head
  • TY-50 Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate


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