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Audio Equipment:

The Saramonic SR-AX100 2-Channel Audio Adapter allows you to connect up to two microphones at the same time to your DSLR, mirrorless or camcorder and gives you the ability to mix the signal levels to produce professional quality audio. The audio adapter is compact, has three integrated mounting shoes, and is ideal for run-and-gun video production with shotgun microphones or wireless receivers.

Supports Two Microphones

Using the 3.5 mm mono mini jack inputs on the Saramonic SR-AX 100 you can connect two microphones at the same time for professional quality audio. This setup is useful when you need to record from two sound sources, for example a wireless interview mic and a shotgun mic for picking up ambient noise.

Adjustable Audio Channels

There are two adjustable audio channels with control knobs on the adapter, allowing you to adjust the signal of your microphones by using the dual trim control knobs. This give you the ability to balance your sound sources for improved audio.

Stereo Input and Output

The stereo 3.5 mm mini jack Input on the AX100 allows for easy recording of stereo audio from a mixer or other stereo audio source, a mono/stereo switch on the front of the adapter allows you to choose between the different modes. The stereo output provides a balanced stereo signal to send to your camera or audio.

Attaches onto Camera Hot Shoe

The 2-Channel Audio Adapter is designed to attach to a standard camera hot-shoe, with three additional mounting shoes on both sides and the top of the unit you can still add microphones and wireless receivers on to your rig.

Silent Operation that Requires No Batteries

Using a passive circuit on-board the Saramonic adapter does not require any batteries making it perfect for extended video shooting

Compact Die-cast Aluminium Build

The SR AX100 2-Channel Universal Audio Adapter has a compact die-cast aluminium build that is easy to transport and operate, weighing only 153g it is a simple addition to your video kit that will help to improve your sound recording and production value.


One 3.5mm stereo and two 3.5mm mono


Stereo 3.5mm aux mini-jack

Input Level:

-35 dBu minimum

Frequency Response:

10Hz to 100 kHz (+/- 1.5dB)


Die-cast Aluminium Chassis

Dimensions (LxWxH):

7.6 x 5.9 x 5.5 cm




1 Year

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
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