Lightweight and High Strength Pole

The Rode Boompole Pro is a microphone boom built for professional needs and standards. Made from carbon fibre and extending up to 3 metres in length, it’s incredibly lightweight at only 535g while maintaining superior strength.

Adjustable Boom Pole Length

With the ability to extend from a compact 0.81m to a reach of 3 metres via quick-to-setup twist-lock sections, the pole is perfect for recording a wide range of on-location setups, especially with shotgun microphones.

Ideal for Shotgun Microphones

Terminating in a 3/8” threading, the Rode Boom Pole Pro is compatible with most shock-mounts and shotgun microphones.

Weight: 125g
Thread: 3/8”
Pole Sections: 3
Pole Length: 2.2m Maximum
Material: Carbon Fibre

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Rode Boompole Micro Pro


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