The PolarPro HERO8 Shutter Collection includes a ND8, a ND16 and a ND32 filter to reduce the brightness of your photos and video. The reduction in light lets you change the native shutter speed of your favourite action camera for maximum artistic effect. It is the ideal addition to your creative kit so you can shoot smooth, cinematic video without compromise.

Choice of 3 ND Filters

The ND8 filter reduces shutter speed for partly cloudy days, while the ND16 filter is designed specifically for use on sunny days. The ND32 filter dramatically reduces the light by 5 f-stops and is designed for extremely bright conditions, but also allows drone photographers to explore long exposure aerial shooting for stunning creative results.

High Performance HD Glass Construction

Cinema Series glass is combined with a 16 layer anti-reflective Multi-coating to make capturing crisp, clear footage with your GoPro HERO8 with ease. The coating also repels dirt, dust and oils, makin it easier to clean and maintain.

Secure Magnetic Snap-On Design

Its clever snap-on base acts as the filter frame. Strong magnets attach the filters to the frame for a no-fuss installation. The magnets also allow the filters to be hot-swapped, making it easy to adapt to changing lighting conditions in an instant. The pressure-fit base eliminates vibrations, ensuring no unwanted audio caused by vibrations. Tested on motorsport applications, the magnet mount has been tested in high vibration, high wind velocity environments at speeds in excess of 100km/h.

Custom Carrying Case Included

The PolarPro ND Filter Shutter Collection fro the GoPro HERO8 come with a custom carrying case to keep the filters safe and protected from scratches during transport.

PolarPro ND8 for GoPro HERO8
PolarPro ND16 for GoPro HERO8
PolarPro ND32 for GoPro HERO8
Protective Carry Case


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