The PolarPro Red Filter is compatible with the GoPro HERO8 Protective Housing. This easy-to-install filter is a must if you use the GoPro in blue tropical waters, helping you capture accurate colours when diving at depths of  between 4.5m and 22.8m.

Avoid Underwater Colour Casting

The filter has a red colour that eliminates the dull looking green cast synonymous with underwater footage. Its colour formula has been optimised to work effectively with the auto white balance of the GoPro HERO8, allowing you to correct the colour casting at the time of shoot itself, saving you valuable time in post process editing.

Capture Vibrant Colours

The Polar Pro Red Filter enables you to capture the vibrant tropical blues and rich colours of the marine life while shooting with your GoPro authentically portraying the vivid beauty of colourful fish, corals and other marine life.

GoPro HERO 8 Compatible

Installation of the PolarPro Red Dive filter is simple and convenient. Simply attach it to the front element of the underwater housing and use the thumbscrew to tighten. It is a must for have accessory for users of the GoPro HERO8 Protective housing to instantly deliver accurately coloured underwater footage.

Suitable for Depths Between:

4.5 to 22.8 Metres

Compatible with

GoPro HERO8 Protective Dive Housing

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