The PolarPro Cinema Series Shutter Collection Filters are high-end optical filters designed especially for the DJI Osmo Pocket to reduce the brightness of your shot by as little as one-stop with the ND4 or as much as 4-stops with the ND16. Each filter is made from high-end cinema glass with a multi-layer coating to ensure a neutral colour profile. By controlling the amount of light that passes through the lens, the filters allow video shooters to use a slower shutter speed, even in bright conditions, for natural motion blur.

Lightweight Aluminium Frame

Designed to be super compact and portable, the DJI Osmo Pocket filters have a machined aluminium construction that ensures they are robust while remaining lightweight. This allows you to easily add them to your setup without worrying about any extra weight throwing off the DJI Osmo Pocket’s brushless gimbal motors.

Magnetic Design

The filters are super easy to mount to your DJI Osmo pocket because they have a built-in magnet that ensures that stay securely attached, even in wind speeds as high as 56km/h. This same design makes the filters super easy to remove as well, making the polarpro kit super easy and quick to use.

Neutral Density Filters

The kit includes a three Neutral Density filters of varying intensities from an ND 4 to an ND16 that allow to reduce the brightness of your exposure giving you the option to use slower shutter speeds to create more cinematic motion blur.

Multi-Layer Glass Coating

Each filter has a multi-layer coating that provides protection from scratching, oil and water while at the same time reducing reflections to remove colour cast. Each filter is made to a high standard of production with cinema series glass, to ensures your image quality is maintained.

Includes Storage Case

The Polarpro Shutter Collection Cinema Series Filters for DJI Osmo Pocket can be stored safely and securely inside the included custom designed filter case.
  • PolarPro ND4 Cinema Series Filter
  • PolarPro ND8 Cinema Series Filter
  • PolarPro ND16 Cinema Series Filter
  • PolarPro Magnetic Filter Case


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