The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip v3 Silver is an innovative and comfortable way to carry around your camera without the uncomfortable swing that often happens with neck straps. The Capture Clip allows you to quickly clip and unclip the camera to your belt, or any bag strap to keep your hands free when you need them while holding your camera securely by your side. It also features an Arca-Swiss compatible camera plate so you can go from handheld, to tripod shooting in an instant.

The upgraded version of the Capture Clip is smaller, lighter, and offers several improved features over its predecessors. It’s available in the following options:

*Peak Design Capture Camera Clip with Standard Plate – Silver
*Peak Design Capture Camera Clip with Standard Plate – Black
*Peak Design Capture Camera Clip without Plate – Silver
*Peak Design Capture Camera Clip without Plate – Black

Includes Camera Clip & Quick Release Plate

The Capture system includes a durable metal clip and an Arca-type quick release plate. The clip fits any strap up to 6.4 cm wide and 1.6cm thick. Attach the QR plate to your camera, slide it into the clip, and lock it securely in place. This also gives you the ability to change from handheld to tripod shooting quickly and conveniently, without having to fiddle around with small parts and plates.

Holds your Camera Securely

Unlike other strap-based camera carrying solutions, the Capture Clip holds your camera securely without the swinging and twisting. This is especially handy for travel, sports or adventure photographers, with the added benefit of keeping your hands free to swap lenses, grab more gear, or just enjoy a fancy coffee without a camera dangling around your neck.

Sleeker, Slimmer and Stronger

The redesigned Capture Clip v3 Silver is smaller and lighter than its predecessors with an all-aluminium design capable of supporting up to 90kg. This ensures almost any camera and lens combination can be used, from pro DSLRs to mirrorless systems. The smooth anodised finish is corrosion resistant for enhanced in all environments.

Improved Security and Stability

The Clip is equipped with an upgraded quick release safety button with a security lock that can be activated to prevent theft or accidental release of your camera. An anti-slip textured rubber pad on the back plate provides a secure grip with the strap, ensuring enhanced stability when holding a heavy camera.

Peak Design Anchor Compatibility

The camera plate features four loops that let you attach Peak Design Anchors without getting in the way of camera attachment. This also opens up compatibility with the entire range of Peak Design hand, wrist, and shoulder straps.

Secure Camera Attachment

The QR plate features a sliding 1/4-inch screw for secure attachment to your camera, while allowing some position adjustment to accommodate different camera, lens, or accessory combinations. A rubberised surface ensures a tight and twist-free connection to your camera.

Please Note the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip without Plate is not a stand-alone product, it requires a Peak Design plate or kit for full funtionality.

Strap Compatibility

Fits any strap up to 6.4cm wide and 1.5cm

Camera Plate Compatibility

Works with all legacy Peak Design plates except DUALplate v1

Pro Pad Compatibility

Pro Pad v2 only


Anodised Aluminium

Pay Load Capacity

90 kg

Clip Dimensions

8.3 cm x 4.0 cm x 2.0 cm

Plate Dimensions

38 cm x 38 cm x 0.7 cm


70 g (Clip), 14 g (Plate)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip with Standard Plate:
  • Peak Design Capture Clip v3
  • Standard Camera Plate
  • 2 x Hand Drive Bolts
  • 2 x Hex Drive Long Bolts
  • 4mm Hex Wrench
  • Microfiber Pouch

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip without Plate:
  • Peak Design Capture Clip v3
  • 2 x Hand Drive Bolts
  • 2 x Hex Drive Long Bolts
  • 4mm Hex Wrench
  • Microfiber Pouch


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.