The Panasonic BGG1 Battery Grip is made specifically for the Panasonic Lumix G85 camera. It extends the camera’s battery life and also provides a more comfortable grip option when taking vertical photos.

Extended the Battery Life

The BGG1 Battery Grip allows you to use two batteries with your Lumix G85, one in the body and one in the grip,effectively doubling the battery life of your camera. It includes one DMW-BLC12 battery, the same one that the camera uses.

Ergonomic Grip and Added Shutter Release

The grip provides intuitive control over the G85 when using it vertically. It features a button for exposure compensation, an AF/AE lock, two control dials, and an added shutter release button for comfortable use no matter how your camera is positioned.

Dust and Splash Proof Build

The Panasonic BGG1 Battery Grip features the same splash and dustproof build quality of the Lumix G85 Camera so you can be confident in its performance with your camera.

Power Source

1x DMW-BLC12 Li-Ion Battery

Tripod Mount Thread Size

1/4 inch


127.4 x 40.4 x 65.1 mm

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  • Panasonic Grip for G85
  • 1 x DMW-BLC12 Battery Pack
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