Designed for the Nisi V5 Filter Holder

The NiSi Adapter for 100mm V5 is designed to work with the Nisi V5 Filter Holder. It allows the filter holder to be attached to any lens with a thread of 82mm.

Aluminium Construction

The adapter is made from a Corrosion-Resistant Anodised Aluminium that makes it a robust addition to your Nisi Filter Kit.

Dials for CPL Adjustment

As the 82mm adapter directly connects to the polariser in the V5 Filter kit, the adapter features two dial that can be turned to rotate the CPL filter in order the adjust the polarisation of your shot.

Replacement or Spare

Perfect to replace a missing filter holder or as a spare just in case one goes missing the Ni Si Adapter for 100mm V5 Filter Holder is an essential piece of equipment for any filter based photography.

Thread Size



V5 Filter Holder



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NiSi Adapter Ring for 100mm V5 Filter Holder - 82mm


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