Converts F-Mount to Z-Mount

Thanks to the streamlined design with minimal protrusion, you'll go from frustration to satisfaction. The absence of a tripod mount on the Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ II provides for easier vertical holding and enhanced grip, as well as plenty of area for comfortable finger positioning when shooting outstanding portraits.

Unlimited room for creativity

Furthermore, the Nikon FTZ II mount adapter allows users to shoot a larger range of scenes for both stills and films, eliminating the need for other equipment that enhance the creative process. Even while using a tripod, changing lenses is now less disruptive and smoother: just switch to another NIKKOR F mount lens without having to detach or dismount.

Make the most of it

Enjoy the effective performance of the Z series' in-camera Vibration Reduction (VR) with the Nikkor Mount Adapter FTZ II, which enables you to use your favourite F mount lens while also retaining AE/AF performance and image quality. It is compatible with about 360 models of NIKKOR F mount lenses. For F mount lenses with VR, both the lens and the in-camera VR1 work together to give adjustment in three axes (pitch, yaw, and roll), but for those without VR, the in-camera VR1 works alone.

Lightweight functionality

The Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ II, weighing only roughly 125g, decreases the overall weight of the camera system, allowing users to wander around and capture a wide range of settings with ease. Furthermore, the adapter is meticulously constructed with dust- and drip-resistant performance comparable to the Z 9, with good sealing on numerous sections of the adapter body for increased reliability.

Camera Mount

Nikon Z

Lens Mount       

Nikon F



[1] Z 50 and Z fc are not equipped with in-camera VR. The Z 9’s Synchro VR is not compatible with NIKKOR F lenses.

[2] AE shooting is possible with approx. 360 types of lenses including AI NIKKOR and those released afterwards. Among them, a total of 94 types or more of AF-P, AF-S and AF-I lenses incorporating motors support AE/AF shooting. Depending on the position and movement of the subject, which affects lens drive, there are various difficulties when focusing. Aperture control may take time and continuous shooting speed may be slower with some lenses.

[3] The adapter is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip-resistant in all situations or under all conditions.

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Nikon FTZ II Mount Adapter


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