Multiple Unique Trigger Modes

The Miops Smart Body Trigger N1 is a unique device that allows you to capture exciting pictures by remotely triggering your camera or flash based on external inputs such as lightning, sound and laser beam. 

Lightning Mode

Lightning mode as the name suggests is a light activated trigger, capturing events such as lightning, fireworks or a manually fired strobe plus other occasions where a sudden change in light is detected making it easy to capture events that happen in the blink of an eye.

Sound Mode

Sound Mode can be used to capture High Speed events like popping balloons, breaking glass or exploding items allowing you to capture the precise, split-second moment of impact or detonation.

Laser Mode

Laser Mode is great for wildlife, water drops and exploding items. A basic laser pointer is required separately to direct light into the laser sensor of the unit. When the light beam between the laser and the internal sensor is broken, the shutter is triggered, eliminating trial and error and dramatically improving consistency and accuracy during complex and delicate studio setups.

DIY Mode

Equipped with a 3.5mm input jack, the Miops can support a custom device that can output between 0 and 3 volts to trigger your flash or shutter. Great for experimental photography, this custom input delivers the versatility to capture shots limited only by your imagination.

Each mode can be further fine-tuned by adding a delay, configurable to the millisecond, to make it easy to freeze the decisive moment after the sensor has been triggered.

Custom Scenarios

The Miops trigger also equips you with ability to combine responses from multiple sensors and program a 5 step action for a different shooting scenario. These enable you to trigger the camera and flash at different intervals, allowing you to experiment with extremely complex shooting scenarios for distinctly creative images.

Colour LCD Screen

The triggering modes, their sensitivity levels and other settings can be finetuned with the help of the colour LCD display on the top of the trigger. The screen position makes the information easily readable while keeping the trigger attached to your camera’s hot shoe. The LCD display is backlit making it easy to work with, even in low light situations.

Smart Mobile Device Compatible

The trigger features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allowing you to fully control the trigger from your smart mobile device. Using the Miops app on your smart phone or tablet, you can capture time lapse sequences, HDR photos, control the frame count, delay and intervals between subsequent images. Such intricate control over the trigger settings makes the Miops capable of delivering great results.

USB Charging

The Miops trigger is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium ion battery which can be charged by connecting it to your computers USB port or compatible USB charger (sold separately). Ideal for travelling photographers, the convenience of USB charging eliminates the requirement of bulky chargers additional cables and travel adapters.

Updatable Firmware

The Miops smart trigger features an upgradable firmware to keep up to date with the latest features and compatibility fixes released by the manufacturer. Even with the complete replacement of the camera gear, the functions and capability of the Miops trigger retain the same usefulness for your photography needs.

Simultaneous Camera and Flash Compatibility

The trigger is compatible to flash guns and the studio lights that feature a PC Sync socket. The flash sync cable (supplied) connects the trigger to your lighting system.


Bluetooth 4.0

Two 2.5 mm jacks



Rechargeable Li-ion

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  • Miops Camera Trigger
  • PC Sync Cable For Flash Units
  • BL-C5 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Camera Cable
  • USB Cable
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