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Cleaning & Maintenance:

For The Demanding Professional

The 58mm Manfrotto Pro Protect Filter is designed to meet the level of optical performance demanded by seasoned photographic professionals.

12 Layer Coating

Constructed from quality glass, the Protect series filters feature a remarkable 12 layer multi-coating which delivers uncompromised optical clarity.

Anti-Reflective Coating

An anti-reflective layer assists in haze reduction and a water repellent coating ensures hassle free cleaning.

3 Protective Layers

3 protective layers consisting of a scratch resistant coating, oil resistant coating and anti-static coating minimise filter contamination to ensure maximum transparency and optical performance. 

3 Year Warranty

The filter also doubles as a resilient lens protector to ensure the front element of your lens is safeguarded against permanent damage. For added peace of mind, the Manfrotto Pro Protect Filter range comes with a protective case and up to 3-years warranty.

Coating – 12 Layers
Total Filter Thickness – Up to 6.4mm
Light Transmission – 99.3%
Water Repellent – Yes
Anti-Reflection Coating – Yes
Scratch/Oil Resistant – Yes
Black Rimmed Glass – Yes
Anti-Static Coating - Yes
* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice


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