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Cleaning & Maintenance:

The 77mm Manfrotto Pro Circular Polarising Filter offers uncompromising optical performance as demanded by seasoned photographic professionals. Constructed from quality glass, the CP filter features a comprehensive 12 layer multi-coat to ensure maximum clarity and optical performance. The polarising glass increases colour saturation in your images and renders the sky in your photos a brilliant deep blue. It also removes distracting reflections from surfaces such as windows or bodies of water to ensure your subject remains the primary focus of your composition. A scratch and oil resistant coating is combined with an anti-static coating to assist with optical clarity while a water repellent coating ensures hassle free cleaning.


The filter also doubles as a resilient lens protector to ensure the glass on your lens is safeguarded against permanent damage. For added peace of mind the Manfrotto Pro CP Filter range includes a protective case and a 3-year warranty.

Coating - 12 Layers
Total Filter Thickness - Up to 6.5mm
Light Transmission - 90%
Water Repellent - Yes
Anti-Reflection Coating - Yes
Scratch/Oil Resistant - Yes
Black Rimmed Glass - Yes
Anti-Static Coating - Yes
* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice


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