The MagMod Wide Angle Lens is designed specifically for use with your MagMod MagBeam and MagMask light modifiers (sold separately). With the Wide Angle Lens, you can use your flash to project unique light patterns on your subjects and their backgrounds.

Creates Light Patterns with MagBeam MagMasks

The MagMod Wide Angle Lens is designed to work with the MagBeam light modifier and can be used as a spare or replacement part. The lens has a specific focal length that makes it possible for your flash to project the light patterns through your MagMasks. The Wide Angle lens can also be used with MagMod coloured gels for even more creative effects.

Increased Flash Output

The Wide Angle lens increases your flash output by 2-3 stops and provides a wider spread of light. It only works when the MagBeam is in the fully collapsed position.

Required Items

MagMod MagBeam light modifier and Mag Masks

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  • MagMod Wide Angle Lens for MagBeam Light Modifier
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