The MagMod Tele Lens for the MagBeam can provide 2-3 additional stops of usable light to your flash, giving you a huge amount of focus-adjustable light while using lower power settings, allowing for faster flash recycle speeds.

Increase Useable Light by 2-3 Stops

The MagMod Tele Lens is designed to work with your MagBeam (sold separately) to improve the power and distance of your flash, allowing you to use lower power settings, but still get your desired amount of light. Together with the MagBeam, the Tele Lens can provide 2-3 additional stops of flash power, while also giving you the ability to focus your light in a tight beam.

MagBeam Specific Design

The Tele Lens is designed specifically for the MagMod MagBeam light modifier and can be used as a spare or replacement part. Installation is easy, simply slip the lens into the MagBeam’s integrated slot, no tools required.

Required Items

MagMod MagBeam light modifier

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  • MagMod Tele Lens for the MagBeam light modifier
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