The MagMod Starter Flash Kit includes everything needed to help you start modifying your on or off-camera flash. The soft silicone MagGrip stretches to fit over most speedlights and uses magnets to attach modifiers, like the included MagGrid and MagSphere, letting you easily, and quietly, change the look and feel of your lighting. Adjust the spill and diffusion as you see fit by adding or removing components of the kit instantly. Its modular design is compatible with a range of separately available MagMod accessories that allows you to expand the kit as your lighting needs change.

Wide Range of Speedlight Compatibility

The MagMod Starter Flash Kit includes the easy-to-install MagGrip. Made from durable silicone rubber, it stretches to fit securely over most hot shoe flashes without the need for additional straps. Two strong magnets on the front offer fast, easy attachment of the other kit accessories, allowing you to stack your modifiers for even more creative lighting effects.

Softer Light with an Increased Spread

Snap the MagSphere to the MagGrip to easily modify the look and feel of your speedlight’s output. It diffuses the harsh light to create a nice, even omni-directional spread for a softer glow over a larger area. It can be used as a main light or bounce modifier, and can be further adjusted with separately available MagMod gel filters thanks to a conveniently built-in filter slot.

Control Over Spill and Direction

The included MagGrid snaps right onto the front of the MagGrip and can be used to control spill and direct light output into a precise 40° beam for a spotlight effect. It also reduces the creation of hotspots and can be used in conjunction with the kit’s MagSphere. The grid is modular and supports stacking separately available gels or additional MagGrids for an even tighter beam pattern.

Super Durable and Portable

The MagMod Flash Kit components are made from durable silicone rubber so they can bend to fit almost anywhere in your camera bag, popping back into shape when it’s time to use them. The tough design can handle the demands of daily use, offering an excellent and portable light modification solution that’s perfect for new flash users.


Most popular Speedlight brands (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, etc.)


Silicone Rubber

Attachment Type


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • 1 x MagMod MagGrip
  • 1 x MagMod MagGrid
  • 1 x MagMod MagSphere


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