The MagMod MagShoe is a universal cold shoe bracket to speed up your flash setup and adjustment. Attaching a flash has never been this quick or easy. Simply slide your flash into the MagShoe and rotate the locking wheel. If you need to change the angle of your flash, it’s just as easy. Grab the MagShoe, pull the conveniently located trigger and aim the flash where you want.

Easy-to-Use Setup

Designed to be as simple as it is quick to setup, the MagShoe takes the hassle out of mounting your flash. Simply by turning the locking ring, the flash system is securely held in place.

Universal Flash Compatibility

Worried that you might change flash brands or switch systems at some point in the future and not be able to use the MagShoe? Don’t be. It is designed to be compatible with any flash system on the market. Its easy-to-use mount can be secured with one hand and holds any flash.

Ergonomic One-Handed Operation

It isn’t just mounting your flash that can be done one-handed. The MagShoe also allows you to adjust the angle by just pressing the button and repositioning. Really makes you wonder why no-one created something like this before.

Supports the MagMod Flash System

The bracket is compatible with the MagRing and by association the whole range of lighting modifiers from MagMod like the MagBox, MagMod Gel System and more. It also has a slot to hold a lighting umbrella secure so you can diffuse the burst from a speedlight for softer light.

Mount it or Hold it

Attach the Mag Mod Mag Shoe on the top of a lighting stand and you can be confident it’s not going anywhere. Or if you’ve got an assistant to help, the system can be handheld. It has a super comfortable silicon-style coating, making it easy to hold for long periods if need be.

MagMod MagShoe


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