Simple, Modular Design

Improve your creative photography with the Magmod Basic Flash Modifier Kit Ex Demo. Suitable for most modern speedlites the kits modular design enables you to quickly and easily add, remove or combine various light modifiers such as diffusers, snoots and coloured gels.

Universal Compatibility

Its universal compatibility provides peace of mind that in the event you upgrade your speedlights to a more powerful model or swap to a different manufacturer, you do not need to spend more money to upgrade all your existing Magmod flash accessories.

Durable Silicon Rubber Construction

The innovative MagGrip mount is made from a durable silicon rubber that stretches over the head of your flash to form the attachment point of the entire Madmod range. Its unique design allows free movement of the flash head, enabling you to freely control the tilt and rotation of flash head for uncompromised, directional accuracy.

Powerful Magnetic Attachment

Embedded into the MagGrip are two powerful magnets which allow you to instantly add and remove a range of Magmod modifiers to create a wide variety of flash effects. The elimination of Velcro straps, elastic bands and sticky adhesives delivers a professional look and a more efficient workflow.

Includes Grid, Gel kit, Transmitter Band and Carry Pouch

The kit also includes a MagGrid2 grid for more focused, directional light output, a MagGel 2 kit and rigid colour and white balance gels, a transmitter band to securely attach a variety of wireless flash transmitters to the flash head, plus a handy carry pouch for easy storage and transportation.

Expand your Creative Potential

Additional accessories such as the MagSphere diffuser, a MagBounce bounce card, MagSnoot and a creative gel kit can be purchased separately to really help push the creative boundaries of your flash photography.

  • MagGrip
  • Mag Grid 2
  • MagGel 2
  • 8 Standard Gels
  • MagMod Transmitter Band
  • Carry Pouch
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