With the Lastolite Fabric Grid for Ezybox II 60cm Square Softbox you can ensure that the light emitted from flashes is controlled and spread efficiently and subjects are illuminated properly.

Designed for Ezybox II 60cm Square Softbox

The Lastolite Fabric Grid is designed specifically to fit and control the light spill from the Ezybox II 60cm Square Softbox. It provides a 45° spread with its 50 x 50 x 50mm grid cell and allows you focus the light on your subjects and rather than having it spill into the background.

Easy Installation and Carry Case

Set-up is quick and easy, using the Velcro fasteners on both the grid and the softbox. The grid is made from durable, lightweight nylon and comes with its own carry case for easy transport.

Size (cm)

60 x 60 cm


Lastolite Ezybox II Square Medium




Nylon fabric



Cell Dimensions

50 x 50 x 50 mm

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  • Lastolite Fabric Grid for 60cm Ezybox II
  • Carry Case
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