The Lastolite EzyBalance 30cm 18% Grey/White card is designed to help digital photographers achieve perfect colour in their shots. The double-sided card is handy for pre and post capture to ensure consistent exposure across a set of shots, ideal when working at fast paced events, like weddings or fashion shows. In any new lighting situation, just take a photo of the card and use it as a reference point for exposure control, setting the white balance on your camera and manipulating the colour balance post capture.

Exposure Control and Colour Correction

The double-sided 30cm EzyBalance 18% Grey/White card is ideal for new lighting scenarios, offering an accurate reference point for exposure control and white balancing on-camera and during post processing. This helps you achieve accurate colours and a more consistent look across an image set.

Collapsible and Portable

The Lastolite EzyBalance 30cm Grey Card is also super durable and easy to clean, helping you maintain its colour correcting accuracy. The collapsible design lets you fold the card down into its travel pouch making it incredibly easy to pack and take with you wherever you go.




Double Sided (Grey, White)



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