The iconic Kodak Professional EKTACHROME E100 Colour Transparency film Expired has returned after being discontinued in 2012. It is one of the few slide films currently available on the market and was historically well regarded for delivering faithful, yet vibrant colours combined with an ultra-smooth grain profile.

Colour Transparency Film

Slide film is well known to enthusiasts to be a challenge to shoot with due to a narrower and less forgiving dynamic range. But when exposed correctly, it can deliver a higher resolution and sharper image with a finer grain and more vivid colour than a standard negative film.

Daylight Balanced E-6 Film

EKTACHROME was originally popularised by National Geographic Photographers because of a significantly easier developing process compared to other slide films. It is designed to be exposed with daylight or electronic flash and developed using E-6 chemistry. When unprocessed the film should be stored and handled in complete darkness.


Kodak have promised that the new Kodak Professional EKTACHROME E100 colour transparency film Expired is based off the original E100G formulation and has moderately boosted saturation, a neutral tone scale and a T-Grain emulsion with an extremely fine grain profile. With a Low D-min the film promises brighter whites combined with a pleasing faithful skin tone reproduction.

Kodak EKTACHROME E100 35mm Slide Film – 36 Exposures


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