Suitable Replacement for Canon

The Jupio BP-511 Li-Ion Battery for Canon has a 1700mAh capacity and outputs at 7.4V. Compatible with a wide range of Canon cameras including the EOS and Powershot G series, the rechargeable battery is suitable as a spare or a replacement.







Dimensions (LxWxH)

55.1 x 38.2 x 21mm




Legria DM-MV30, DM-MV100X, DM-MV100Xi, DM-MV400, DM-MV430, DM-MV450, DM-MVX1i

EOS 5D, 10D, 10DS, 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 50D, 300D

EOS D10, D30, D60, Digital Rebel, Kiss Digital FV2, FV10, FV20, FV30, FV40, FV50, FV100, FV200, FV300, FV400, FV500, FVN1, FVM10

Media Storage M30, M80

Legria MV30, MV30i, MV100X, MV100Xi, MV300, MV300i, MV400, MV400i, MV430, MV430i, MV430IMC, MV450, MV450i, MV500, MV500i, MV520, MV530, MV530i, MV550, MV550i, MV600, MV600i, MV630, MV630i, MV650, MV650i, MV700, MV700i, MV730, MV730i, MV750, MV750i, MVX1, MVX100, MVX100i, MVX150, MVX150i, MVX i, MVX2i, MVX3i

Optura 10, 20, 50MC, 100MC, 200MC, Pi, xI

PowerShot, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, Pro 1, Pro 90, Pro 90 US PV130 ZR10, ZR20, ZR25, ZR25MC, ZR30, ZR30MC, ZR40, ZR45, ZR45MC, ZR50, ZR50MC, ZR60, ZR60MC, ZR65MC, ZR70MC, ZR80, ZR85, ZR85MC, ZR90

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Jupio BP-511 Li-Ion Battery for Canon

Manufacturer Warranty

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36 month Australian warranty

from Jupio Australia

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