The Joby Gorillapod 500 Action has been designed with action cameras in mind and features an integrated 3-prong GoPro style mount and thumbscrew. It’s able to support up to 450g and has a rugged, lightweight design that perfectly complements GoPro cameras, small format 360° cameras, and lightweight accessories. Stand it up like a tripod, wrap its flexible legs can wrap around almost anything, or use them as a handgrip for selfies and video recording.

Supports up to 450g of Gear

Able to support up to 450g, the Joby Gorillapod 500 Action is made for action cameras. It can be set-up in all kinds of creative locations to help you capture your adventures from new angles. It accommodates a range of different cameras, mounting accessories, and waterproof housings.

Integrated Action Mount

With an integrated 3-prong GoPro style mount and long thumbscrew, the Gorillapod is compatible with a range of action cameras including the GoPro HERO series or even small format 360° cameras that use the same type of mounting system.

Fully Articulated Legs

The Gorillapod Action’s legs flex and bend to fit around many different objects, like railings, tree branches, or car mirrors. Each leg joint can rotate 360° and has a rubberised grip ring to offer amazing flexibility and support on uneven surfaces. Stand it up like a traditional tripod, wrap it around almost anything, or use the legs as a handgrip for selfies and videos.

Portable and Compact

At only 85g, the Joby Gorillapod 500 Action cuts a very slim profile. It’s compact and lightweight making it an excellent travel companion for trips both long and short. It’s a great addition to any camera bag, taking up very little space while offering so much convenience and versatility.

Load Capacity



Proprietary ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel, TPE

Connection Point

3-Prong GoPro-Style Mount and Thumbscrew



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Joby Gorillapod 500 Action


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