Ilford Pan F Plus 35mm - 36 Exposures is a slow speed ISO 50 black & white negative film that works well in bright lighting, from sunny days outside to a well-lit studio. The super fine grain structure results in a high level of detail that’s suitable for a wide variety of subject matter, from portraiture to architecture and even fashion. With its outstanding tonal range, contrast, and extreme sharpness, Pan F Plus negatives are ideal for enlargements as well as photomicrography applications.

Ilford Pan F Plus Black and White Negative film is available in:
* Ilford Pan F Plus Black and White - 35mm – 36 Exposures
* Ilford Pan F Plus Black and White – 120 Roll Film

Bright Light Performer

Ilford Pan F Plus 35mm - 36 Exposures film has a slow speed ISO 50 rating that allows it to perform well in brightly lit conditions, from sunny days outdoors to your perfectly tuned studio lighting. It suits a huge range of subject matter from architecture and still-life to portraiture to fashion and technical work.

Exceptionally Fine Grain

The film also has an extremely fine grain structure that delivers outstanding resolution, sharpness, and edge contrast. These characteristics make it an excellent choice when ultra-fine detail and clarity are your top priority.

Perfect for Enlargements

With a wide tonal range, high-edge contrast and extreme sharpness, Ilford Pan F Plus B&W negative film is ideal for enlargements, fine art printing and a range of scientific applications that require as much detail as possible, such as photomicrography.

Film Format

35mm or 120 roll

Film Type

Panchromatic Black and White Negative

Film Speed / Exposure Rating

ISO 50/18°

Film Processing

Standard black and white chemistry

Exposures (35mm)


Film Base (35mm)

0.125mm/5-mil acetate

Film Base (120 roll)

0.110mm/4-mil clear acetate base with anti-halation backing (backing clears during development)

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Ilford Pan F Plus ISO 50 Black & White Negative Film


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